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Woods Hole Research Center republished my piece on indigenous REDD

Woods Hole Research Center, the American institution that co-facilitated a workshop I attended in Puyo, Ecaudor a few weeks ago, republished my piece “Plotting participation: training indigenous communities to map the Amazon” on the “Fieldnotes” portion of their website.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 5.11.35 PM

Check out the rest of their Field Notes for some fascinating information on their investigations and outreach around the world.

I’m off to the jungle again tonight, this time to work with the Shuar Federation and their indigenous radio station, Voz de Arutam, which has a bit of a rocky past with the government. Then I’m off to a small Shuar community called Makuma, where I was invited by the ex-CONFENAIE president to get to know his birth community. I’ll also catch a few days of a conference on climate change they are hosting – part of the continuation of the project to disseminate information about indigenous peoples, forests, carbon monitoring and mapping that COICA began in Puyo.

Hopefully I’ll finish up a few articles for Global Voices, where I’ve been accepted as a guest author. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Global Voices is an online community of bloggers that covers citizen media stories from around the world.

Anyone else spending the holidays in a country that is not their own? Still unsure how I’ll pass the New Year here where the equator doth runneth through.

Have a happy week all!

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