About Rachael

I’ve been called many things; a “homebody” is not one of them.

Rachael at the “bottomless” Lake Quilotoa, Ecuador.

My name is Rachael. I graduated from Rice University in the United States with degrees in anthropology and public policy, along with a minor in the program of Poverty, Social Justice, and Human Capabilities. My passion for social justice and public policy has sent me around the world researching climate change, indigenous peoples, and energy issues.

I’ve been given the incredible privilege through the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to travel the world for a year, a time which I will use to investigate how indigenous peoples utilize digital tools to further their rights and livelihood.

I most recently worked as a research assistant with the Baker Institute for Public Policy Energy Forum, where I focused on oil drilling and climate change in the Arctic. I currently write as a volunteer author for Global Voices and Rising Voices, projects that tracks citizen media stories from around the world. I am also a co-curator for the online ICT4D portal, the Ethnos Project.

I’m mostly just a girl staring at a map, waiting to be humbled, transformed, engaged and informed — and maybe write something interesting along the way.

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