About This Blog

Welcome to my blog, which is dedicated to my experience as a 2012-2013 Thomas J. Watson Fellow  researching how indigenous peoples harness new forms of technology to further their rights, cultural expression, and sovereignty. Throughout the following year, I will travel to Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, Malaysia and Australia to learn more about how native peoples around the world plug-in, log-on, and create digital identities.

This blog is a space of intercultural understanding, truth-mongering, and of policy analysis grounded in place. It combines personal musings with substantive discussions of indigenous peoples and technology: How do digital tools help transform global networks of indigeneity, indigenous activism, and policy toward the Fourth World? Follow me as I embark on a humbling journey to seek answers to these questions, as well as questions about myself.

All comments and opinions are my own and not those of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation or any organization with whom I work during my travels.

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